Sa was dee ka.. Welcome to PANAYA Thai Restaurant ...

Thai cuisine is famous all over the world for its unique balance of flavors, blending spicy, sweet, sour, and savory. 

We welcome you to our restaurant so you can appreciate this for yourself.  Our Thai chef has many years of experience in preparing traditional Thai food, combining unique Thai ingredients with homemade curries and chili pastes. 

Our menu will introduce you to a wide variety of delicious curries, rice dishes, noodle dishes, sweet deserts, and flavorful soups, such as popular favorites like Tom-Yam soup. 

Come and enjoy one of our wonderfully aromatic dishes accompanied by steaming rice, or treat yourself to the flavors of peanut, crunchy bean shoots, and tasty noodles in our Pad-Thai. 

If you are new to Thai cuisine and culture, you might be surprised to discover the Thai people have been using the fork and spoon since 1897, and only rarely use chopsticks.  We invite you to dine with us and open your mind and taste-buds to an exciting world of complex flavor.  

Thank you very much.

Kob Khun ka