1.      PO PIA PAK  17,00 zł
Golden fried Thai spring roll with vegetable and sweet sauce 
2.       KHOW POD TOD cur.jpg 17,00 zł
Crispy sweet-corn cake with sweet and sour sauce and crushed peanuts 
3.       TOFU TOD cur.jpg 15,00 zł
Deep fried tofu with sweet and sour sauce and crushed peanuts 
4.       KAI SA TAY cur.jpg 22,00 zł
Chicken SATAY with peanut sauce  
5.       PO PIA KUNG  25,00 zł
Golden fried Thai spring roll with shrimp and minced chicken
6.       DIM SUM  28,00 zł
Steamed dumpling with minced pork and shrimp    
7.       KHOM PEANG NA KUNG 25,00 zł
Fried canapés with minced shrimp and pork
8.       MOO DAD DEAW  22,00 zł
Deep fried marinated pork Thai Style with spicy sauce
9.       KUNG & PLAA MEUK CHUP PAENG TOD  32,00 zł
Battered and fried shrimp and squid ring with sweet sauce  
10.   KIAW KROB  22,00 zł
Fried crispy wonton stuffed with minced pork and shrimp
11.   SOM TAM papryczka.JPGcur.jpg 22,00 zł
Spicy karalipa salad  
12.   YAM PLAA MEUKpapryczka.JPG 28,00 zł
Spicy squid salad with lemon juice  
13.   YAM NEUA YANG papryczka.JPG 32,00 zł
Spicy grilled beef salad with lemon juice  
14.   LAAB KAI papryczka.JPG 28,00 zł
Spicy minced chicken with Thai herb salad  
15.   NAM TOK MOO papryczka.JPG 30,00 zł
Spicy marinated pork with Thai herb salad
16.   YAM TA LAY papryczka.JPG 30,00 zł
Spicy mixed seafood salad with lemon juice  
17.   YAM PED KROB papryczka.JPG 32,00 zł
Spicy roasted duck salad
18.   YAM MAMA KUNG SOD MOO SAB papryczka.JPG 28,00 zł
Yellow noodle salad with shrimp and minced pork with lemon juice and Thai spice